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Dear Future Neighbor,

Hello and thank you for your interest in buying property in the area of ASHA!

You may already know this, but in my ‘old’ life many years ago, I owned one of the largest restorations companies in Italy catering especially to foreigners. Now, as we embark upon building a new culture and paradigm, I would like to share my considerable experience with you  as you embark on this journey.

Some basic advice: There are more buildings ready for occupation in town than outside. The houses are in varying states of repair, from unrestored to fully restored and furnished. The village is coming to life again already, with many from our community living there while they deepen their relationship with the villagers and one another. Towns in the area are nestled in the Tuscan countryside, so there is very little distinction here between urban and rural life.   

My advice has always been to buy unrestored – even a ruin – and to rebuild as much as you can. The advantage is that you can get a larger property, a ‘clean slate’ as far as design choices go, and also delay out-payments over the term of the restoration. You’ll also end up with something that you created yourself!

I would also recommend buying a house in the village to begin with, whilst you extend your search should you wish to find something in the country. I say this not just because there are more to choose from, but also because they are easier to maintain should you need to be away.

Please remember that one of the reasons Tuscany is so prized as a destination is that they are protective about zoning and planning permissions. We encourage adapting to the local designs and culture to get the best result. The laws are often open to some interpretation, and our selection of consultants will be able to guide in such a way as to get you the best outcome. 

One final note: We are here to help you, and although we are providing a service to find you the best solution, we have decided against a for-profit real estate model in favour of co-creating a community with you. To create this catalogue of properties has taken thousands of hours, and we therefore propose a minimum donation of €3000 for any property for sale under €100K or 5% for any properties purchased above that price. Your donation will go to the ASHA Foundation with the purpose of regenerating the surrounding area through stimulating investment in green start-ups and consciously managed businesses.

Below are some questions that will help you focus on what your dream house may be like. Your answers will also help us locate a selection of properties that may be suitable for you. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


Anthony Abbagnano

Founder - Alchemy School of Healing Arts

Integration Assistance

ASHA has been developing here for nearly a year, and the community of people drawn to become part of our project is growing. So far, assistance for the relocation and integration process has been offered free of charge, but we have reached the point now where due to the number of people, and consequently, the time, focus and expenses it takes to deal with all this, is no longer sustainable. To continue to offer these essential services in a manageable and mutually beneficial way, we will need to ask for contributions (in the form of donations) so that we can engage people to dedicate the time and effort needed to provide this assistance.

Residency Assistance

Municipality residence application (residenza anagrafica)

Includes the entire process, organising documents, legal/research, appointments, etc.

Residency permit (permesso di soggiorno)

Includes the entire process, organising documents, legal/research, appointments, etc.

Housing Assistance

Properties sales (vendita proprietà)

Includes property sourcing/research, tours, negotiations, legal, contracts/paperwork, etc.

Preliminary agreement (compromesso)

Includes preparation of documents, organisation, & administration

Internet service provider (fornitore di servizi internet)

Includes sourcing the right operator, contracts/paperwork, and organising installation

Gas/ electricity/ water service provider (volture)

Includes sourcing the right operator, contracts/paperwork, and organising installation

Personal Assistance

Car sales (vendita auto)

Includes car sourcing/research, negotiations, legal, contracts/paperwork, etc.

Italian driver’s license (patente di guida)

Includes entire process of transferring a foreign license or applying for a new license

Health/ auto/ homeowner’s insurance (assicurazione)

Includes sourcing the right operator, legal, and contracts/paperwork

General help (doctor, notary, etc.)

Contractor referral (mechanic, architect, etc.)

Opening a business/ applying for a business license

Customised help according to your needs,


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