Frequently asked questions

People at ASHA tend to love living close to nature, practice the 10 Co-Commitments, and are dedicated to some form of personal growth.  We are diverse, multi-cultural, range in ages, size, and sex – though most everyone, on whatever ‘level’ – is drawn to the arts, healing, and making the world a better place in some form.

Absolutely. With lots of natural space for kids to roam free, it’s a wonderful place of exploration within safety.  There’s a local school in the village that kids attend until 12 years old, then another school about 20 k away that kids in the public school system attend.

It’s possible to stay at ASHA, depending on vacancy. There are some rentals in the area, yet they aren’t plentiful. If you’re willing to go for ‘glamping’ – it’s possible in the warm months to stay in one up and coming beautiful camping sites that’s very comfortable.

There’s a small grocery store in our village, fruit stand, and weekly market that has produce.  We suggest ordering from the organic farmer that has beautiful bio produce – each week.  There is also a major grocery store 20 k away.  Each house at ASHA has kitchen facilities so you can make your own food, and we also offer food during some periods.

It’s a small town, with not a whole lot!  There is:  a pharmacy, small grocery store, produce store, hardware shop, one old-style Italian restaurant, a pizzeria, and 2 ‘bars.’ Broader services are offered 20 k away.

ASHA is located just 1 k away from the town. It’s an easy and beautiful walk.  That makes it possible to do just about everything on foot.  A car is nice to have if you want to go to the hot springs, do other types of shopping, etc.  Many community members have a car, so it makes it easy as well.


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