Alchemy Culture & Community

At AoB, and ASHA, we are a diverse group of people, about 150,000 strong, and quickly growing.

You may know us from Alchemy of Breath, ASHA (Alchemy School of Healings Arts) located in Tuscany (our retreat and community center) – or you may be new to us from Google, or word of mouth. Or perhaps you have come from Anthony and Amy’s (ASHA founders) vast international network of being holistic healers and teachers for a very long time.

However you have found us, welcome!

And do know that we are creating this community platform together, so the more you contribute, the stronger it will grow.  Have ideas?  Create it!  Like to see us implement something new?  Let us know!

We believe coming together in community to the medicine to what ails society, the glue that connects us together, and who knows – in the crazy times it may even be the rug that can’t be pulled out from under our feet!

Here’s a brief breakdown of what we have identified so far, for our Alchemy Communities:

ASHA Community.

Anthony and Amy began it with their first group of volunteers and a few friends in 2020.  There were about 4 long-time foreigners living in our little Italian village in southern Tuscany – Castell’Azzara – at that time. Castell’Azzara typically hasn’t been a tourist destination for foreigners, as its rugged, raw, real, and like stepping back in time.  Through our vast online community and network, foreigners started coming by the dozens.  We sold 25 houses in our first year, then purposely shut down our growth in 2022, as it was moving tooooooo fast and we couldn’t keep up with the flow of interest, the logistics, and the overwhelm. 

We’ve opened back up for growth, more ready, more steady, and with a whole lot more experience!  ASHA is now about 60% regenerated, a full-fledged campus, with accommodation for short stays and retreats, and she offers herself as a gathering place for community, classes, our students, Alchemists (working scholarship people), and meeting new people.  No one lives at ASHA, rather it’s a place where we gather to connect, learn, grow, shape-shift, and have a good time.

asha community
people doing breathwork

Our International Online Community.

The main well-spring of where new arrivals to the ASHA community come from.  They are from Anthony and Amy’s parent company, Alchemy of Breath, which Anthony started over 10 years ago, which has supported ASHA into becoming her own independent – though interconnected – entity. It’s a vast worldwide community of  people who are either our breathwork students or attend our many talks and events. 

Typically they come to ASHA for a BreathCamp as a New Member, or graduate as qualified breathwork facilitators. Many also come for a  stay, to buy or rent a house, and to join our sprouting community in the woods with the intention to grow our own food, live off-grid, and be surrounded by like-minded people.

Community of International Foreigners (aka “Community Hub”).

This group sprang up quickly when ASHA arrived with the first people who came and bought houses and land.  There are about 40 of us living in town and the surrounding countryside. Most everyone is a part of ASHA Community.  Most are holistic-minded, and some aren’t.  We have seen how diversity is key in integrating into the local culture. Magic how a diverse ecosystem unfolds and creates community!

friends-eating-pizza-party-together-concept-2022-12-16-00-59-53-utc (1)

Local Italian Community.

Though historically it’s quite uncommon for many foreigners to come to this part of Tuscany to live, the locals have been incredibly welcoming, generous, and helpful.  This is the main reason why we at ASHA slowed down the growth, to be sure our impact would be soft and respectful to those who have graciously welcomed us.  They’ve lived there for generations, and we are the newbies. They have much to teach us about forgotten things, like woodland survival, ancient organic growing techniques, and how to make a rocking folkloristic festival for every season!

Local Regional Community.

Nearby towns such as Sorano, Pitigliano, Santa Fiora, Orvieto, and Grosseto offer all the internationalist needs – and Rome and Florence are a 2-hour train ride away.

Tuscan town

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