Casa Emilio


Available from September

This almost belongs on the top of a cake. There is also a total of about 80 square metres that could be added, or sold off separately with building rights. 

The views are fabulous, being a little above Asha, but easy walking distance (less than ten minutes) away. 

You can feel the love this place has been given the moment you open the gate. Access is easy, with the last 200 meters up a gravelled path. Then you enter a charmed garden, with fruits, flower and trees designed to give pleasure and joy in every season. 

The existing house is an original barn with breams etc, attached to an addition, which offers 2 bathrooms and a master bedroom of a good size. To the back is another small room that could become a single bedroom, or if a little enlarged, a double. 

The advantage of the house is that it can benefit from as much or as little addition as you need, the remainder being a sellable asset for the construction of a second house on the other side of the field, not interfering at all with your privacy.

The price is a little high, but considering about half of it is ‘recuperable’, it ends up being fantastic value. 

I go visit Emilio regularly, when I walk down from the village through a woodland walk, and every time I leave with armfuls of vegetables. The land is super fertile. 

Another unique aspect of this property is that it has its own spring.

Imagine drinking that!


 1 k from Asha, 1.5 k from town

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