Casa Pietra


End of terrace cottage on 2 floors. It’s great to be reminded how special these houses can become by simply chipping off the drab grey plaster they are covered with. One day, most of the houses in Castell’Azzara will look like this. Can’t wait.

Still, this is a good price for something completely habitable. Although there is only one bathroom (a decent size) there is the possibility of installing a second one.

The floors as lovely reclaimed terra cotta, and it would take little to personalise the house into what you want. It’s also rare to find a place that is habitable at all, let alone well refurbished, so my view is that this is an attractive house that would also make for a great rental while you are away. 

The house is reached through a small square with a living area and kitchen on the ground floor. A wooden staircase takes you up the the next floor which has two bedrooms and one bathrooms, plus separate laundry room.

One of the bedrooms can be accessed independently, and with the laundry room converted to include a bathroom it would mean having an AirBnB to rent out, or perfect for independent guests, children and the out-laws. 

Good value at the price.

1.5km from Asha

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