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La nostra comunità

About 30 people from our global community have already landed here in Tuscany, and more are coming every year to participate, either at Asha or many of the other community initiatives around town. At the Retreat & Community Centre, we welcome students, volunteers, teachers, collaborators, and guests to foster a thriving community hub dedicated to education, conscious co-creation, and healing.

Il nostro campus

Bordered by a stream, the Centre rests on a vein of spring water and has two natural artesian wells. there is an expansive olive grove, which we have now reclaimed, a fruit orchard and wild grapevines speckled around the land. Untouched forest surroundings and stunning views of the Tuscan hills inspire contemplation and mindful presence, while the clean mountain air invites deep and cleansing breaths.


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I nostri alloggi

The ASHA Retreat & Community Centre features six traditional stone-built houses, offering a combination of individual guest rooms and cottages spread around the property. Although each house is unique, the entire property highlights traditional Tuscan architecture, connected to one another by stone pathways. Orchards are interwoven with wild grasses and gardens, with both indoor and outdoor communal areas ideal for connecting with yourself and others. Whether in shared housing or a private cottage, most guest accommodation includes private bathing facilities, heating, and a daily orchestra of birdsongs.

Ti senti chiamato all'ASHA?

Are you eager to disconnect from the chaotic world and reconnect with nature, community, and yourself? Do you want to be a part of a thriving community project?
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Visits at ASHA are possible until 01.05.2024 and again from 01.11.2024
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