Breathe the World


Unlock the Power of Conscious Breathing and Connection.

What can you expect from this breathwork session?

  • 30 Minute Conscious Breathwork Session
  • Tools to Integrate Breathwork Into Your Daily Life
  • Understanding the Power of Inquiry
  • Become Part of a Global Healing Community

2022 Breathcamps

with Anthony, Amy & AOB Trainers

Time for a Fresh Start? Join us for an 8-day Residential Breathwork Intensive!

Our Breathcamps embrace you in a family environment that supports the growth and changes you want to make.  They help you to fulfill the greatness of who you are, so you can know yourself better, and perhaps even consciously step into why you’re alive in these particular times.

No matter where you are in your breathwork journey – a newbie, an advanced breather, a graduate, or alumni – join us to explore your life in a deep, compassionate and caring setting.   

Ecstatic Dance

Guided by Alex King-Harris

Alex King-Harris is a man of many talents: Composer, Producer, Multi-instrumentalist, DJ, Yoga + Music Therapist, Voice Facilitator.

During our June BreathCamp he will be guiding an ecstatic dance journey.

Breathe The World Festival


Come breathe and celebrate with us during this FREE 3-day-festival! Join us as we invite in the energy of Alchemy of Breath and honour our Breathwork Facilitator Graduates. 

During our Breath the World Festival there will be 12 distinct Breathwork sessions on offer: 10 led by our inspiring graduates and 2 from our master facilitator trainers. There will also be 3 special presentations on offer from Alchemy of Breath founder Anthony Abbagnano and 2 of our Facilitator Trainer Mentors.

Drum Circle

Guided by Ron and Alfie

Drum circle is about community, it’s about the tribe coming together and every voice being heard, it’s about rhythm and the earth, and It Begins from the heartbeat. 

ASHA's 2 Year Birthday Party + Open House

With Community

Join us for our 2nd birthday party at ASHA, and open house. All welcome.  We’ll enjoy traditional Italian music with a live band. So get ready to dance, mingle with new and old friends, and of course, taste local wine. Plus enjoy lots of yummy food.  Celebrate 2 years of regeneration, repopulation, and good times as we cheer ASHA in all she has brought the local area, and ASHA community. We’ll also have a drum circle after dark, so bring your instruments, voice, and let’s celebrate!

We do have accommodation and food available for the evening, please reach out at info@asha.global if you’d like to inquire about staying with us.

Introduction to Permaculture and Cooperative Design

With Expert Permaculturist Saviana

This 5 day Introduction to permaculture and cooperative design with equip you with the knowledge of observation of the property, with deep attention to water movement and interviews with the people. In this 5-day course learn: 

– the basics of Permaculture principles, philosophy, and how to implement your new knowledge into the design of backyards, gardens, farms, and communities for growing your own food.

 – the process of restoring and healing environmental health (and climate change).

– evaluate a site to create a design that supports Permaculture practices along with sustainability.

– natural principles, and ecological laws. 

– how to best connect people and nature. 

– sustainability from an ecological and ethical point of view. 

– financial ethics: how money can be an obstacle or helpful depending on our perspective.

525 euros per person.  Includes:

-5 nights accommodation & food

-5 days of class

Taught in English and Italian.

Shadows in the Sun

With Jamie Catto

Explore your untapped potential with Jamie Catto. 

  • You will learn how to transform unruly demons into emplyoees and harvest the many gifts within challenges instead of exhausting yourself battling them.
  • You will learn how to dissolve and heal blocked emotions and the pain of old habits which weigh you down and reframe negative beliefs which hold pain-loops in place.
  • You will play games and process, which lighten up rigid notions of appropriateness and uptight limitations of unconscious shame and negativity. 
  • You will laugh your head off and realise how much energy you’ve been wasting wearing masks to satisfy other people whose values you don’t necessarily share.
  • You will realise how precious each day is and how much more space there is for mischief and playfulness in the world, especially yours.
  • You will forgive yourself for all the shame and negativity you’ve allowed yourself to carry due to old beliefs from uptight parents, careers and teachers of old.
  • You will reclaim vast amounts of energy and joy and channel it into your creativity and passions.

New Years Party, Detox & Breathwork

With Amy, Anthony, guest teachers e our well-being team

Ignite your soul journey & never turn back. It’s time to bring the New Year in with a bang for freedom, fun and the times we were born for!

Join us for 4 nights of and 4 days of intentionally bringing in the new year with a focus on what you really want, how you want to live, and learning more about how you want to give…. with health as a focus!

Enjoy lots of leisure time. Breathwork.  Amazing food and cleansing. New Year Eve Party, and Community New Years Day… where we will gain insight into where we’ve been, and what our heart truly calls for, and a plan of action to move forward with.

Our well-being team will be available with private breathwork sessions, intuitive naturopathic and life direction readings with Amy, massage, and more.

Arrive for dinner on the 30th by between 3-5 pm.  Check out after lunch time on the 3rd.

Like to learn more?  Reach out at info@asha.global.

More about the ASHA detox plan:

Our optional detox begins on the 1st for 2 days, plus. Stay on for catering according to the number of days you’d like to cleanse.  Or continue at home with Amy’s direction.  Choose from our detox challenge (cold-pressed juice, herbal tea, and water), to our medium challenge (blended soups, cold-pressed juice, herbal tea, and water – to our detox easy (blended soups, cold-pressed juice, herbal tea, and water, plus a hearty salad each day).


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