The Alchemy Working Scholarship

Begin & Advance Your Holistic Journey
Grow Your Current Skills

Life. Learning. Community.

Join Our Beta Program
May 20th – September 20th

Do you have a pioneering spirit and love learning?  

Help us with feedback, and contribute to this program being epic!



The Alchemy Working Scholarship contributes to professional growth and personal self-development. It’s for beginners to advanced who are interested in learning about holistic practices and methods. Gain self-knowledge. Learn skills to serve others for work and family, health and true wealth.

The Alchemy Working Scholarship
is a journey of courage, challenge, and growth.

Scholarship Qualifications… what we are looking for

Healthy fit capable candidates

100% committed to self-growth & community service

Passionate about people & community life

Those eager to learn holistic practices/skills

Experts in business, community & innovation… help us grow

Committed To The ASHA Vision, 12 Co-Committments, & Code of Ethics

What We Offer

asha community


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What Will I Learn?

Meditation & Self-Growth Practices

The Art of Relationship

Optionally, Learn How To (summer ’23 & coming soon after)

Opportunity for Continued Education

Alchemy School of Healing Arts

Il nostro scopo più alto è quello di costruire una comunità globale di insegnanti e studenti consapevoli, leader di pensiero e creatori di cambiamenti, e chiunque sia su un percorso di guarigione o di crescita.


We envision a new culture and paradigm

The co-creation of a holistic and sustainable path for living in harmony

Surrounded by nature and like-minds

How It Works

INTAKE Beta 1: Arrive 20 June, 23 – Depart 17 July, 23 (28 day program)
INTAKE Beta 1A: Arrive 20 June, 23 – Depart 21 July, 23 (32 day program)
INTAKE Beta 2: Arrive 20 July 23 – Depart 16 August, 23 (28 day program)
INTAKE Beta 3: Arrive 19 August, 23 – Depart 16 September, 23 (28 day program)
INTAKE Beta 3A: Arrive 21 August, 23 – Depart 22 September, 23 (32 day program)

– Intake Beta 2A also includes the 5 day workshop ‘Shadows in the Sun’ with Jamie Catto.
-Intake Beta 3A also includes Amy Rachelle’s popular 5 day Detox workshop.


Our Scholarship Programs

We offer scholarships and accept donations for those committed to excellence!


Apprentice 101 – Entry Level

No specific skills required. Helping in the garden and kitchen, housekeeping/cleaning, land work.

Intern 102 – Expert Level

A specific skill set to offer such as carpentry, business skills, permaculture/gardening/land husbandry (expert level).

Graduate 103 – AoB Student

An existing Alchemy of Breath student who HAS NOT YET GRADUATED, and in need of financial assistance for BreathCamp only. One scholarship per BreathCamp is offered for qualified students.



If Alchemy provides you with a partial scholarship, do you know of someone who would contribute to the balance? 

Other ideas to raise funds to cover your scholarship:  crowd funding, and asking friends and family to contribute to your holistic education.

Help A Friend

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What do I need to pay for?

“In every community, there is work to be done. In every nation, there are wounds to heal. In every heart, there is the power to do it.”

– Marianne Williamson

Daily Sample Schedule

Regular Daily Schedule (non-retreats), 3 x weekly:

During BreathCamp and other retreats, the schedule adapts to the retreat timing.

Everyone has 2 days off per week. Requests are considered.

Pronto per iniziare?


Thanks for your sharing enthusiasm and supporting ASHA with your time and skills – we greatly appreciate you!

Please provide detailed information and let’s see if we’re a match.


I understand you used to have a volunteer program at ASHA. What’s the difference between it, and the Alchemy Working Scholarship Intensive?

In the past, we received volunteers who passed our screening for a positive cultural fit (they agreed to the Co-Commitments and our Code of Ethics), and they could stay up until 3 months with us.  Over time, we have now come closer to our objective of being ASHA Campus.  With this, not only do applicants need to agree to the Co-Commitments and our Code of Ethics, they also need to study with us, and represent the values that meditation, breathwork, and the healing arts in general represent.  Our volunteer program before wasn’t stringent on study, and now it is – that’s the main difference in programs – along with wishing to help subsidize those who cannot afford to study otherwise.

How long can I stay?

4-12 weeks, for some students, depending on the details of your scholarship.  Speak with our recruitment lead.

Is it possible to stay longer than 4 weeks?

Yes, apply to the same link on this page.

When I arrive, can I upgrade from being a Volunteer to Scholarship student?

Yes,  speak with our recruitment lead on the ground.

How many scholarships are given to AoB students each year at ASHA?

One per BreathCamp.

How do you determine who is eligible for a scholarship?

For AoB students, it depends on how you’ve participated in your class, what homework you have finished, what you will do with what you’ve learned, your overall contribution to your learning, and financial need.  For non-AoB students, it is  based on your abilities, demonstrated skill, financial need, and cultural fit (such as agreeing to Co-Commitments, our and Code of Ethics).

What jobs will I do?

It depends on your skill set!  As an apprentice, no skill set is required. Be prepared to rake leaves, tidy common areas, do light cleaning, beautfying, watering plants, and in general helping out.  For interns who have a strong skill set, you may work with our admin team, with the founders, in land management, permaculture, etc.

What type of people are you looking for?

People who are fit, not afraid to get their hands dirty, and who have the mindset to be a contribution. ASHA is not equipped to receive people who need special aid in the context of the program.  Instead, we suggest non-fit people to come as a guest and take our programs and healing services that don’t require a labor exchange.

When can I come?

Currently we are accepting applications from May 20-September 20.  That may be extended into the fall and winter.


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